At Banro, we strive to build relationships that help ensure the rights and interests of all parties are respected and represented. Through ethical governance and engagement, we work to bring value and economic benefits, supporting the long-term development of the communities in which we operate.

Community Consultation

Consultation with the communities living near Banro’s projects began prior to exploration activities beginning in 2004. There is an open dialogue between the company and community representatives to make sure the company has their interests in mind.

Creating Local Jobs

Banro is committed to hiring people from the communities where our operations are located, when possible we look for opportunities to create jobs within the community

Community Apprenticeship Program

The Community Apprenticeship Program established in 2014 provides comprehensive training for unemployed youth in the communities near Banro’s operations.

Fostering Alternative and Sustainable Livelihoods

Assisting local communities to become economically self-sustaining is a long-term priority, with efforts focused primarily on agriculture, the principal livelihood for the regional population.