We are proud that we have been able to achieve our goal of having 95% of all management, professional, skilled and administrative jobs in Banro’s DRC operations filled by Congolese nationals.

Over the past 20 years, Banro’s operations have grown from its initial small exploration camp in the field, to a corporation supporting over 1,500 direct and indirect Congolese employees. In an effort to self-sustain our business, training and development of our Congolese staff have become priorities for the Company. The Company’s training and development goals are to encourage and support employees to attain their maximum potential while linking personal development to current and long-term business goals.

The company is committed to having at least 95% of the workforce that operates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo be Congolese Nationals. Where it is possible, Banro utilizes citizens that reside in the neighbouring villages and towns.