Minimizing our environmental impact through consultation, conservation and execution.

Banro considers the environment in everything it does.

We understand and respect that our Company’s future success is dependent on how we operate within our current environment. We must respect our goals to limit our mine waste; we must conserve and treat all water we use; we continue to restrict and reduce air emissions we produce; in an effort to leave the area’s and communities in which we operate better off than when we arrived.

Banro considers its host community for consultation on social and environmental matters when developing each project. Extensive interaction is undertaken through established community forums and working groups which has led to the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and the Community Development Plan (CDP).

Mining activities leave a lasting impact on the environments in which the mines operate, and Banro understands that it is important to offset these impacts through conservation efforts which provide jobs for local communities and have contributed to planting and distributing over 55,000 trees annually, through its Banro Foundation.

  • Water is a vital part of the mining process and life in general, it is also a scarce resource in the areas we do business. We make sure we only use what we absolutely need to while ensuring our communities water requirements are exceeded.

Air Emissions
  • The Company continually looks for ways to minimize and prevent its airborne emissions. In the past year, several operational and equipment items were reviewed and implemented to reduce the emissions that are produced through mining activities.

  • Banro recently decided to utilize a fuel alternative, which is proven to lower operating costs, while burning fuel cleaner and reducing the emissions that are produced. Other programs such as: the implementation of different and more efficient fuel filters at the powerhouse to reduce carbon emissions; and the use of a eco-friendly compound on the water bowsers when spraying the roads for dust suppression.

  • In 2019, Banro will continue to strive for continued programs to reduce and eliminate unnecessary air emissions.

Mine Waste
  • Everyday mining activities generate various waste streams that Banro is conscious of, and works excessively to reduce, reuse and recycle accordingly.

  • Banro will continue our various recycling programs, with the reintroduction of waste to secondary streams in the community (used drums, used steel, other by products), and we will continue to reduce our dependency on non-reusable products, in order to minimize the impact Banro has on the environment.